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Reef Tiger is a Swiss watch company known for its professionally designed high quality womens mechanical rose gold watches. Inspired by the official Swiss railway clock designed by Swiss engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker in 1944. This clock became the symbol of the Federal Swiss Railway and is known for its punctuality. In 1986, Reef Tiger Watch took a blueprint from the clock and applied it to the watch collection. The Reef Tiger classic shows the simplicity of the Swiss railway clock, with a modern look and feel, and translated into everyday wear. The iconic red paddle second hand gives it an interesting color, as does the red underside of the black leather band. If you are looking for a unique womens mechanical rose gold watches to add to your accessories collection, then Mondaine Classic will be a good choice. Those with small wrists will appreciate the 30 mm case diameter. The dial has a black hand to mark the time, and the two bold minute and hour hands are supplemented by a red second hand. All of these are set against a white background for easy reading. A stainless steel case, durable mineral crystal for the surface, and a leather strap are the women's rose gold watches that stand the test of time. When it comes to actual time, thanks to the Swiss quartz movement, you can rely on the accuracy of the Reef Tiger. The Reef Tiger is also waterproof and therefore resistant to water splashes. If you are caught in the rain, it will be safe, but it does not mean that it is soaked in water for any time. In the event of any manufacturing defect, Mondaine offers a 2-year warranty. The simple design and elegance of the simple womens mechanical rose gold watches, as well as the precise timing function, are favored by most buyers. Critic Liz also likes the versatility it offers, and the red at the bottom of the commentary band makes the watch unique to the wearer, but also very conservative, suitable for all occasions and clothing. The only warning you can find when reading a review is that some buyers don't care about having the Reef Tiger logo on the front of the watch. This may be considered a disadvantage, especially since the highlight of this women's rose gold mechanical s watch is the carefully designed dial, but it is not uncommon - most watches show their logo here. If you're looking for a unique timepiece with the same interesting background story, it's versatile and works with most of your outfits, and the Mondaine Classic is for you. Advantages: unique dial design, accurate timing, durable, waterproof, can dress up or dress up

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