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The most popular womens rose gold sports fashion watches in 2019

People say that life is in sports. Keeping a certain amount of exercise can make our body healthier. But how do you reduce the white sports watch while exercising? Sports watches are specially designed For people who like sports. In addition to the normal display time, they have many useful features. Such as countdown, stopwatch, step, calorie consumption, etc. This is the best wrist companion Sports people. Always focused on outdoor sports, many affordable womens rose gold sports watches are great. The demand for the rose gold sports watches can be divided into two categories. The first category only hopes to have a solid and A practical outdoor watch is suitable for everyday wear. This type of population does not have much demand for other features. Choose all-weather watches with basic outdoor features such as date, lighting, alarm clock, waterproof, temperature Measurement, compass, etc. Of course, if you have the advantages of fashion, sturdiness, etc., these top priorities The white sports watch is beautifully designed, well-made and has a high standard of durability. womens rose gold sports watches is usually equipped with a reversible clockwise bezel. In addition to modern decor and concepts Symbolic sports life, beads on the bezel and clear, easy-to-read numbers allow the wearer to exercise or use precision The adjustment of diving and exercise time is absolutely reliable. The outer ring can only rotate in one direction, even if it is Unexpected rotation, the remaining movement time will only be shortened and will not be extended to ensure safety. As a watch of the white sports series, the symbol of the bezel is like a movement, and the scientific design principle makes it a The baffle is not a decoration. The design principle is close to motion. The ratio is used to time or measure the dive time. You should use it to time. I can tell you the dive time. this is More complex. In general, diving watches that can rotate the bezel in both directions are unprofessional. Only one way The rotating (counterclockwise) bezel is a diving chronograph. For example, if you want to dive, the oxygen cylinder is used for 15 minutes. The current time is 12:00, then all you need to do is Turn the bezel scale to the "3" position (12:15) and then dive, when your minute hand is near the position you indicated Time, this means that your oxygen is not enough. In other words, if the minutes and scales coincide, there is no oxygen. If your dive time is 12:10, then you will adjust the ratio to 12:25. In short, the current time plus the dive time (within an hour) Oxygen supply). Why do you want to rotate one turn to prevent accidental contact with the bezel? Even if you If you accidentally touch it, the time will only be shortened counterclockwise to ensure safety.

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